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    Transfusion Day By Yusof Han / Monday, October 06, 2008

    I like to share with all of you a song written and composed by a friend of mine name Yusof Han. You'll hear the song as soon as you browse through this page.My guarantee; it will hook anyone who listens to it for the very first time. ENJOY!!

    All male vocals by Muhammad Firdhaus
    All female vocals by Nurul Azlina Norzan
    All keyboards by Alma Jerry
    All drums by Amin Fikry Mohd Nawawi
    All percussions by Syed Muhammad
    All bass, electric guitar and acoustic guitar by Yusof Han

    Composed and written by Yusof Han and Rafiz Zakaria
    Arranged by Yusof Han
    Programed by Yusof Han
    Recorded and mixed by Yusof Han
    Produced and mastered by Yusof Han

    Album cover concept and designed by Saiful Ariff Osman AND Yusof Han
    All songs recorded at Pacifica and Lautan Studio
    Mixed at Pacifica Studio
    Mastered at InTheBox Studio

    Inthebox records. All Rights Reserved. Unauthorised Duplication Is A Violation Of Applicable Laws.

    Transfusion Day

    Long-long awake I wait,
    for the fate till the strong bones crackin’ out of fray
    hey I’m alone, and when we’re two turns to one.
    Suddenly I was right, but runaway from faith
    slap me, I’m dumb
    slap me, I’ll run
    slap me, I’m dumb
    and if you lost I will come and take you home.

    Gather fields with smoother breeze
    try to calm you with crisp of lies
    together round we dreams on fly
    dig deep in your heart for that little red glow.

    Then again I was right, but runaway from faith
    I grab the road marching through the flying crows
    and wonder how you used to smile back at me

    Free fall (to the ground)

    All those scribbled dreams from your mind games
    amidst the shuffle overflowing day
    then you’ll see when it comes to scrapple meat to loaf
    then time and time again we shallow dreams.

    Pre chorus:
    Back in lane (you’re so lame) can’t be late (too late)
    Transfusion Day when we’re two turns to one...

    Suddenly I was right, but runaway from faith
    slap me, I’m dumb slap me, l’m dumb
    slap me, I’m dumb
    and if you lost I will come and take you home.

    posted by Iskandar at 9:14 PM | 14 comments


    DotA (Defends of the Ancients) Private Server / Sunday, June 22, 2008

    To all those people who loves playing DotA or Call of Duty 4, i would like to promote to you guys a malaysian based private servers for those two games. Anyone is welcome to come and play at this private server. Should you have any problems during registration, feel free to email me or just leave a note on my chat box.

    posted by Iskandar at 10:02 AM | 0 comments


    TOOL / Friday, January 04, 2008

    Haha, i was bored so i listened to a few songs by TOOL and search for their lyrics and tried to understand the meaning of the song...damn they really wrote some nice lyrics and damn...i love their songs a lot!! I found a comment on a website stating this:
    "Schism" is the Grammy awarded first single off Lateralus. With its abstract lyrics, and multi-sectioned, odd-metered structure it has since become a signature song of the band.


    Ngeh ngeh this is just a random update that was fueled by my boredom. Yeah i would like to recommend u readers to try and listens to 2 particular albums by tool which are

    1. "The Grudge" – 8:36
    2. "Eon Blue Apocalypse" – 1:04
    3. "The Patient" – 7:13
    4. "Mantra" – 1:12
    5. "Schism" – 6:47
    6. "Parabol" – 3:04
    7. "Parabola" – 6:03
    8. "Ticks & Leeches" – 8:10
    9. "Lateralus" – 9:24
    10. "Disposition" – 4:46
    11. "Reflection" – 11:07
    12. "Triad" – 8:46
    13. "Faaip de Oiad" – 2:39

    10,000 Days
    1. "Vicarious" – 7:06
    2. "Jambi" – 7:28
    3. "Wings for Marie (Pt 1)" – 6:11
    4. "10,000 Days (Wings Pt 2)" – 11:13
    5. "The Pot" – 6:21
    6. "Lipan Conjuring" – 1:11
    7. "Lost Keys (Blame Hofmann)" – 3:46
    8. "Rosetta Stoned" – 11:11
    9. "Intension" – 7:21
    10. "Right in Two" – 8:55
    11. "Viginti Tres" – 5:02

    But i must warn u that not everyone will be able to accept their kind of music coz its pretty artistic in a dark sense.

    posted by Iskandar at 11:24 PM | 0 comments


    The weirdest police chase / Tuesday, August 14, 2007

    Haha i found this vid in youtube and this has got to be the weirdest police chase inside a movie...hahahah pretty funny as well. I felt sorry for the horse.

    posted by Iskandar at 8:19 AM | 0 comments


    Finally an update.... / Saturday, April 21, 2007

    I've move from Putrajaya to Damansara in early April and since then i began to really miss putrajaya. Yeah sometimes you dont appreciate the beauty of one place that are close to you until you've seen it from a much more distant view. Although it can be a bit boring in putrajaya but at its best, it can provide u with the feeling of calm and relax at the end of the day due to the beautiful streets and structures, minimal flow of traffic and of coz the cool nice breeze from the eight floor of the old apartment haha. I still remember this one nite when a few of us roll around putrajaya at nite and we went around to places that we havnt been to. And the result is an amazing view at the top of the PICC(it looks more like an UFO ship tho).

    Aliens having a day out:

    The Mother Ship:

    A new world:

    posted by Iskandar at 9:13 AM | 2 comments


    A night in Putrajaya / Tuesday, November 28, 2006

    A few days ago, my relatives came over for a holiday and so we showed em around putrajaya at nite and i think putrajaya is best seen at nite due to the wonderful lighting and the mood of it. We went to the memorial tower, the cruise tasik port,and around other places in putrajaya. Hmmm since im bad with writing long sentences sooo here are a few photos to best describe the view that are truly awesome to me....if only i had a better camera....

    Previously on Lost!:

    Hmm here's a photo of one of the bridge in putrajaya:

    Here are a few photos from the memorial tower..this place is interesting especially with those green glass walls which has the history of malaysia written on em:

    Here are some more random pics from the this camera is getting on my nerves LOL

    posted by Iskandar at 12:58 AM | 2 comments


    Hari Raya Celebration / Monday, November 06, 2006

    Last friday (3rd November 2006), my college, ocean institute of audio technology held a Hari Raya open house feast for all the students and i had to say that it was one of the best raya things that i ever had. Here is a picture of most of us that came.

    This is only 1 photo out of it..for the whole collections of pictures that we took on that day, visit this link: CLICK HERE FOR MORE PHOTOS

    posted by Iskandar at 12:07 AM | 0 comments